Be a Tortoise Amongst Hares

You’ve heard the Tortoise and the Hare fable, haven’t you?

The Classic Tortoise and The Hare

You know, the one where the Tortoise and the Hare are in foot race. The Hare takes off at the start, confident in his natural speed he zooms through the course but hits a “wall” in the middle of the race, gets fatigued and takes a nap.

The Tortoise, slow and steady keeps his pace and doesn’t let his eyes off the finish line. He knows he isn’t fast, but he plays his race strategy to his strengths. Before he knows it, the Hare is woken by the other animals to find that the Tortoise had won the race – slow and steady.

Fable Take-Aways

So, what’s the lesson here? What can you apply to your life?

Steady perseverance triumphs temporary motivation.

We have all made goals and for the first couple days, weeks, maybe months been on fire to make those dreams a reality. Whether it’s to go to the gym more often, eat healthy, earn a certain salary, make meaningful friendships – we have been passionate about our new-found goal. But, with anything in life we hit bumps in the road and we are often left with a choice to walk in pursuit of our dreams or to take a “nap” like the Hare.

Choosing To Race With Perseverance

Most of the time we choose to nap on our goals – our dreams. The fire we once had for our goals has fizzled and we can find ourselves feeling helpless, unsuccessful, and without the strength to continue to walk in pursuit of our dreams.

The thing is the Tortoise and the Hare are mindsets that we choose daily to live. We can choose to be the Hare – run with extreme motivation, fizzle, and fall short of our goals, or we can choose to be like the Tortoise and run with an everlasting fire of perseverance and achieve more than we thought possible.

Just like the Hare we are going to experience set-backs – fear, rejection, failure. The Tortoise takes these “set-backs” and makes them learning opportunities – continues to run with perseverance the race marked out for him.

3 Steps to Becoming the Tortoise

1.     Make a daily affirmation to go after your goals.

  • Keep your eyes on the prize at hand. This precision of focus will allow you to block out the “set-backs” you will experience daily. For me, this means I wake up in the morning and immediately write a positive 3-4 words that I want to see come out of the day. A simple affirmation to speak life into my day.

2.     Find a community.

  • Half the battle of achieving your goals is keeping at them. Find other people with the same mindset that challenge you to keep after whatever sets your heart on fire.

3.     Commit to your dreams every day.

  • For me, this is something that I write in my agenda – something I see every single day. It keeps me accountable to pursue what I have written down. Find a way that reminds you of your goals, maybe it’s a journal or your phone – whatever it is, look at your goals daily.

Steady perseverance triumphs temporary motivation. Choose to be a tortoise amongst hares and run steady in this race marked out for you. With your eyes on the prize – the finish line – the possibilities are endless.

Failure I may still encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road. Never will I know how close it lies unless I turn the corner.
— Og Mandino