Yellow. The color of sunshine.

Heart. The core of our very being.

What do you get when you mix the two? Simply, stories that shine.

Every one of us has a story to tell – a story of triumph, struggle, passion, and love – we all have a culmination of events that make us who we are. Just like yellow is a primary color, we have primary stories that have built us, shaped us into the people we are today. We are driven by our desires – our heart – to continue to become better versions of ourselves.

To be a person, is to have a story to tell.
— Isak Dinesen

The most successful people in this world are storytellers. Some have college degrees, some don’t. What they do have in common though, is this continuous passion to listen, write, speak, and read about other people, things and events. The most successful people in this world are learners – self-taught and passionate.

Unfortunately, and fortunately enough, we live in a world that discourages storytelling – I know, ironic! We live in a world that makes fun of metaphors, that makes fun of clichés, that refuses to find meaning in the little things. We call it “being sappy.”

Well, hello! My name is Adair Lyden, and I am one of the sappiest people you will ever meet. I find meaning in everything. I mean come on yellow and heart combined? Crazy! Unlike the rest of the world, I embrace my “sappiness.” 

I’ve seen this superpower of sap transform my life, my learning experience and more importantly my story. 

Here’s my story as a self-proclaimed sappy storyteller…


College Bound?

I’m a Public Relations major at the University of Florida who on the surface seems to be keeping it together – barely. In comparison to my peers I have a sub-par GPA, but I’m making ends meet academically.

I could go on and on about college as an institution, how it’s the best learning experience anyone could ever have. But, I’d be lying if I said that I don’t enjoy struggling to wrap my head around Macroeconomic concepts or attempting to re-learn my multiplication tables because I can’t use my calculator in my Gen-Ed math class.

I’ve been so close to just giving it up.

Saying “I’m too artsy” for college.

Saying “I’m stupid.”  

Yeah, not a moment goes by that I think less of myself in an academic setting. Some may ask? “It’s 2017 you can drop-out and still make a great living.” While I do believe that, I also believe that I’m here on the University of Florida’s campus for a reason. This is where the sap comes in.

Yes, academically I haven’t had much success in comparison with my peers. That’s just it. “In comparison with my peers.” Why do I care? I have my own story to write. I don’t need to be worrying about others’.  


If You’re Not Working with Purpose, You’re Doing It Wrong

I am here on this Earth for a purpose and just like that I am also in college for a reason. I do everything with conviction. I believe my mission in the most specific way possible is to be a storyteller – to listen and tell stories.

This encapsulates so many things, so many aspects of my life and others. It’s broad but at the same time specific. It’s sappy just like I like it.


Self-proclaimed Storyteller

This website is my “professional sap story.” Bet you’ve never heard that one before. It’s where I regularly work out my ideas, sharing what I learn, sharing other’s stories, communicating with words, paints, objects, pictures, podcasts, videos – making meaning out of anything and everything.

My hope is that Yellow Heart will inspire you to take pride in your own story and appreciate the stories around you – to find meaning in the little things and learn something new.

Ultimately, my mission is to spread this love for storytelling to all who are willing to learn. I believe at my very core that there is power in having the courage to be imperfect – to be vulnerable and share your story with others. We as humans crave connection; we want to be heard and hear others. We desire to communicate with one another – to get to know each other and share the struggles and triumphs we experience. We thirst to tell our story and listen to others tell theirs because we can learn and grow from them.

Join me in this journey of reading, telling, writing, listening to stories that truly shine. Together I believe we will not only grow, but have an impact greater than we ever imagined!