C. Adair lyden

Storyteller | Runner | Creative


Professional storyteller

As an English and Mass Communications major at the University of Florida, I have learned to fall in love with both journalistic and academic writing styles. Click the link below to view my resume and various journalistic writing samples. 


avid runner

Running has been a part of my life for over a decade now and my journey with the sport has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Endurance training and competitive racing has allowed me to discover life lessons that transcend to everyday life. Throughout my running journey I have written many featured articles for an online running publication, MileSplit. In a series titled "Lyden's Life Lessons," I detail the lessons that I have personally learned through running and how readers can apply these themes to various aspects of their lives.  



I am a self-help book nerd and I am constantly excited for a new read that will spark a new life lesson or inspire me to continue to tell my story. I created Yellow Heart Summer of 2017 with this same passion to encourage others to capture their story, so together we can live our lives with purpose. Yellow Heart is a creative side of my writing, one that I am spilling out ideas that I am learning about in my own life and ideas I think are of value to others.